How To Increase Twitter Shares From Your Blog Posts

    t5Everyone is always looking for ways to not only get more Twitter followers, but more importantly, get more engagement and “shares” on Twitter as well. In this blog post and video, I’m going to show you a great strategy that Forbes is using and I’ll show you how to copy and implement this strategy on your own website for free. Sound good?

    I got this idea from the Forbes article here. As you can see in that article, they have several different sentences that are perfect for tweeting, and they make it super easy to do so. I’ll … Read the rest

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    SEO is Not Dead!

    seo is not dead

    Breaking News….

    SEO is NOT DEAD!    Link Building is NOT DEAD!    Guest Blogging is NOT DEAD!

    I want to be the voice of reason and shed some light for the people freaking out every time Google (or some SEO blog) makes an announcement or algorithm change.

    First, Who The Heck Am I & Why Should You Listen?

    Great question! I own my own Marketing, Reputation Management , & SEO Agency and have been doing business online for over 15 years.

    More importantly, we have a huge competitive advantage that most people don’t have. We use over 1,500 websites for … Read the rest

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    How To Launch Leadboxes From An Image Instead Of Text

    I was super excited to hear that Clay Collins and the great folks over at LeadPages introduced a new feature called Leadboxes. A Leadbox is an optin/email box that is super easy to create and can be launched from text, video’s or images. You can see what it looks like below:



    When reading a few of the blog posts announcing Leadboxes, I noticed that several people asking about how you can launch a Leadbox from an image. The code you get from your Leadbox is automatically setup to be launched as text so there is a slight … Read the rest

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    SEO Proof – #1 Ranking For Valuable Affiliate Keyword

    I hear all the time from other SEO’s and marketers that “SEO is dead” or “it’s hard getting decent keywords ranked in Google” blah, blah, blah. The good news is, it’s NOT TRUE!!!

    affiliate marketing In this post, I’m going to share a site that I would normally NEVER tell you about, and there is an interesting reason behind that. You’ll have to watch the video below to get the full story.

    In a nutshell, this site is an affiliate site I created and was able to get it ranked #1 on Google for a profitable “buying” keyword within 1 monthRead the rest

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    Why You Can’t Copy Your Way To Success In Business or Life

    In this (hopefully) epic blog post, I’m going to share a MAJOR mistake that most entrepreneurs make and how YOU can avoid it and create the business of your dreams.


    So what IS that mistake anyway?


    It’s trying to copy the success of others and expecting to get the same results. I’m here to tell you that it not only doesn’t work, but also can be VERY harmful to your business.


    The sad thing is, people do this ALL THE TIME, especially when it comes to doing business online, and it’s a big reason why 9 out of 10 … Read the rest

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