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Welcome to I’ve been doing internet marketing, SEO, and business consulting for over 15 years. I am a proven SEO expert who knows how to get results. I do Seattle SEO consulting as well as helping companies around the world.

About My Seattle SEO Consulting Services

SEO is one of THE most important things you can do for your business. It can literally help you achieve first page rankings, more traffic, and more sales, or, when done wrong (or not at all), you can be invisible in Google and it could potentially crush and ruin your entire business. This isn’t child’s play.

Many Seattle SEO consultants use “blackhat SEO” tactics that end up getting their clients penalized and sometimes even banned from Google. You absolutely need an SEO expert that you can trust.

Internet marketing and SEO is an important investment and the key to your success is choosing the right Seattle SEO Consultant. If you pick the wrong consultant, it could destroy your business. If you don’t do SEO and social media, it could ruin your business.

I am here to help you and give you ethical, safe, extremely effective, and affordable SEO services. I can prove my value and show you websites that I have which are currently ranked #1 in Google and are making money…Most SEO’s won’t ever show you proof!

Before You Hire An Seattle SEO Company

There are many so called “SEO experts” out there that have NO idea what they are doing. It’s one thing to have no clue and mess up their own websites, but “practicing” or ruining a client’s business is evil! You need to steer clear of those kind of SEO (non) experts.

Here are a few tips and questions for choosing the right SEO in Seattle Washington:

  • Do they have references? They should have some kind of references or testimonials.
  • Can they PROVE their value? Will they show you a website that they have gotten ranked on the 1st page of Google?
  • Do they outsource their link building? What kind of link building do they offer?
  • How is their pricing? A price that is very high or very low is very bad sign
  • Do they have their own websites? Most don’t, but they should

We can handle all of your SEO and Internet Marketing needs

We can help you with SEO, social media, branding, logo design, web design, Google Adwords PPC, Bing Ads, organic SEO, Youtube, promo videos, Web 2.0 sites, link building, on page optimization, off page optimization, competitor profiles and research, Google Analytics, and more.

Check out my ABOUT ME page. You’ll see that I don’t just teach, I DO. I’ve owned well over 1,000 websites and we test EVERYTHING!

In addition to this website, I have a sister blog that has lots of free Inbound Marketing information that you can check out as well.

Whether you are in Seattle or around the world, contact me for your SEO and marketing needs.

Phil Graham –
Internet Marketing & SEO Consultant


More About Seattle SEO & Business Consultant, Phil Graham

Welcome! I am a Seattle Marketing, Business, and SEO Consultant who offers proven, safe, and affordable search engine optimization, internet marketing, and business consulting in Seattle Washington and around the world.

My Background:

I have been making money online via SEO, internet marketing, and business/marketing consulting for well over 15 years. I am an expert at getting websites ranked on the first page of Google as well as traffic generation and converting that traffic into sales and testimonials which create even more sales.

In addition to my marketing experience, I was previously a Sales Manager for a billion dollar company (where I worked until 2011) and during that time, I took over the worst Region in the United States and within 18 months, turned it around to become the #1 Region and sales team in the entire company while adding millions of dollars of additional sales to the bottom line.

I am no longer work as an employee in the Corporate “job” world; I happily work for myself as the CEO of my business consulting group and also have other passive income streams and create and sell different products and services. In addition, I am currently fully certified with Google Adwords and Bing Adcenter – You can click the images below to verify.

Seattle SEO Google Adwords Certified     SEO Seattle Bing Certified

I don’t just teach and consult, I actually DO. Here are some of the different ways I make money online:

I create and sell my own products – sold various ways
, online and offline
DVD Publisher on Amazon
Had a best selling Kindle book (ranked as high as #1 in it’s category)

Domain and website flipping

SEO services for companies and individuals

Business/marketing consulting

Revenue via Adsense niche websites
Affiliate Marketing

iPhone App

Membership sites

Youtube ad revenue 

Success Coaching

And more. 

Why I Love Online Business

There are tremendous amounts of opportunities online, no matter what type of business you have or what your background is. It’s amazing, there was even some 18 year old guy from India who wrote an ebook about Parrots which has made him well over one million dollars…Parrots! Now more than ever, it’s easier to create the lifestyle you deserve and make the kind of money you want to make!


Let’s Connect:

I am very active on this blog as well as my Google+ account. Get in touch and let’s connect!


Phil Graham –
Internet Marketing, Business, & SEO Consultant