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If you want to be successful in business, you need this kind of attitude and mindset, along with a correct strategy, and lots of hustle! Being an entrepreneur is a WAY OF LIFE!!


If Richard Branson Learned About The Airline Business In Only 4 Months…

Two Thumbs Up Richard Branson

Did you know that Billionaire Richard Branson literally learned how to create and run an airline in only 4 MONTHS?! That’s right, 4 months.

How many people would have never even tried such a crazy thing? Answer: 99.9% of the population. Maybe that is why there are far more low income people than billionaires.

What can this mean to you?

Ask yourself this: If Richard Branson can learn the airline business in 4 months, what can I achieve? DON’T PUT LIMITS ON YOURSELF. Get rid of the blinders, self doubt, negative thoughts about the economy, and all of that … Read the rest

How Bad Do You Want It

How Bad Do You Want It?This post might stir the pot a little bit. It might even piss a few people off. Hopefully, it will wake some people up because it just has to be said. Whatever it is you want in life, money, lifestyle, weight loss, whatever, there is a good chance that you don’t want it enough. You might *think* you do, but I would say that you are probably wrong.


[hilight color=”FFFF00″]How bad do you REALLY want it?[/hilight]

When’s the last time you pulled an all nighter (or 3)?

I would say that 99% of people WANT epic stuff to … Read the rest

7 People Who Found Massive Success After Major Failures


From Welfare To Billionaire In Five Years – And Six Other People Who Overcame Major Failures To Become Successful Superstars In Life

Motivation Everybody needs some motivation once in awhile. In this article, I am going to highlight 7 amazingly successful people who didn’t give up and overcame massive failures before they became successful. If you aren’t doing what you love to do or ever feel like quitting, you need to read this. Don’t EVER give up! Never. Never. Ever. Read below to find out why. 

Here’s a little audio I just recorded on this:


Honda Soichiro – Founder

Read the rest

In Business You Need To Think In Terms Of Win Or Die

Flippa[dropcap]I[/dropcap] recently read an AMAZING blog post from Corbett Barr. It was about what to do when you back is up against the wall. I wanted to do a riff off of his post and add some of my own thoughts as well. Before I do that, let me say that Corbett’s post nailed it. In fact, I have a major prediction…mark my words on this…That ONE post of Corbett’s will create at least two millionaires. I’d put money on it. If you have not already read it, check it out right now, even if you think … Read the rest