Kindle Self Publishing

One great thing that many people are doing these days is publishing book on the Kindle. It’s not just about traditional authors and fiction books anymore, more and more business owners and entrepreneurs are using tools to make Kindle Self Publishing a very quick and easy process.

kindleselfpubThe Benefits Of Self Publishing

In addition to the visibility that you get from publishing a book on Amazon, you gain instant credibility (as long as your book is GOOD!) and raise your brand awareness which can lead to more sales on Amazon AND on your website.

Personal Branding

Even if you … Read the rest

Get More Traffic – How To Make It Easy For People To Pin Your Blog Posts On Pinterest

Pinterest Marketing

I literally just joined Pinterest one day ago but I can already see why it’s getting so much attention and regarded as one of the fastest growing websites on the internet. There is a huge opportunity to get a ton of traffic from Pinterest if you do it right.

First and foremost, don’t even SPAM Pinterest because it won’t work and it’s a great way to get yourself kicked off of the service. What you SHOULD be doing however, is making it super easy for your blog readers to “Pin” your epic blog posts. There is great power when … Read the rest

Google Wonder Wheel Alternative

Google Wonder Wheel Do You Miss The Google Wonder Wheel?

I do to. The Wonder Wheel was an awesome tool that allowed you to get great keyword ideas for your niche websites and to discover highly searched and related LSI (long tail) keywords for your existing niche sites.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he great news is, there is a Wonder Wheel alternative and you can still get ALL of the information from the Google Wonder Wheel from Google!! While the format doesn’t look as pretty, all of the information is there and that is the most important part.



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How To Check Google Rankings For Your Niche Sites And Get Accurate Results

Make Money Online

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]any people think they rank in one position in Google but in reality, they are ranking much lower. How does this happen?

When you search for your website *while logged into your Google account*, you will get ranking results that are not accurate.

When you search for your website *without getting rid of your cookies/browsing history*, you will probably get incorrect ranking results.

For example, we just had a potential client ask us to take them from a #7 ranking in Google to the top 3. The problem is that they thought they ranked 7th … Read the rest

My Shortcut And Trick To Finding Niche Site Ideas

Passive Income Niche Site IdeasBesides SEO questions, the most common questions I get are from people asking how I find my Niche and Affiliate site ideas so I thought I would share a few of my tips, secrets, and shortcuts to finding great Niche site ideas that will help you create more passive income.


One of the most powerful way to find great Niche Site ideas is using Google’s own suggestions based on what people search for. Google used to have an awesome tool called the “Wonder Wheel” which has been discontinued but there is still an excellent way to find Google … Read the rest