Seattle SEO Wars – SEO For Seattle Plumbers

Seattle plumbing seoIn this episode of Seattle SEO Wars, we compare 2 different Seattle area plumbing contractors and compare their on-site and off-site SEO to see why one of them is linking on the first page of Google and the other one is not.

Keyword: Plumbing Contractors

Let’s first take a look at the data for the plumbing contractors keyword:

plumbing seo

As you can see from the image above, this keyword gets around 1,300 monthly searches and in addition, the cost per click is HUGE with an average of $19.78 per click. If you are a Seattle area plumber, imagine all Read the rest

Seattle SEO Wars – SEO For Seattle Chiropractors

In this week’s edition of Seattle SEO Wars, we look at the “chiropractor” keyword in the Redmond Washington area. One thing that I was amazed to see was that there were literally NO Redmond area Chiropractors on the 1st page of Google with organic search listings. This keyword is WIDE OPEN so if a Seattle or Redmond area chiropractor does any proper SEO, or hires someone to do proper SEO (search engine optimization), they would have a very good chance of ranking on the first page of Google.

In looking at the chiropractor keyword, the approximate cost per click … Read the rest

Seattle SEO Wars – SEO For Seattle Heating And Air Conditioning

This week in Seattle SEO Wars, we look at heating and air conditioning contractors in Seattle. If you haven’t already seen it, make sure and check out last week’s episode on SEO For Seattle Dentists.

In looking at the keyword “heating and air conditioning” (while searching from a Seattle zip code), it gets 5,400 local monthly searches and costs around $15 per click to advertise for that keyword.


The cost per click (CPC) for this keyword is almost $15 PER CLICK! That is not an inexpensive keyword to advertise for. There are advertisers in the Seattle area spending … Read the rest

Seattle SEO Wars – SEO For Seattle Dentists

Seattle SEO Wars

Welcome to our first post in the new series I’ve created called Seattle SEO Wars. So what is this all about?

As a Seattle SEO Consultant, I get asked all the time about how local area businesses can rank higher in Google. I thought I would create a video series that shows 2 different websites that rank for a certain keyword and show you exactly why one site is ranking well and the other site isn’t, and more importantly, what the other site can do to increase their ranking in Google and make more money.… Read the rest