Kindle Self Publishing

One great thing that many people are doing these days is publishing book on the Kindle. It’s not just about traditional authors and fiction books anymore, more and more business owners and entrepreneurs are using tools to make Kindle Self Publishing a very quick and easy process.

kindleselfpubThe Benefits Of Self Publishing

In addition to the visibility that you get from publishing a book on Amazon, you gain instant credibility (as long as your book is GOOD!) and raise your brand awareness which can lead to more sales on Amazon AND on your website.

Personal Branding

Even if you aren’t a business, you should always be building your personal brand and being a “published author” can be a great feather in your cap whether you are trying to get more customers online or impress someone in a job interview.

Using The Right Tools

There are many different ways you can self publish on the Kindle but many of them are either difficult or they don’t work very well. You want to make sure that your book content is top notch and you definitely want it to be formatted perfectly for the Kindle. The best way (by far) that I found to do this is by using this Kindle Template for Word.