The Lebron James Of Marketing

Who is the Lebron James of Marketing and SEO?

I guess that would be me ๐Ÿ™‚

lebron james of seo

Big point: I’m not vain, I didn’t give myself the title or call myself that, I actually had four different clients say that about me and it’s starting to stick!

Why the heck are they calling me that anyway?

Simply put, Lebron James is not only the best, but the most complete basketball player in the world. He does it all: scoring, assists, steals, defense, leadership, and more. He puts his team on his back and wins games.

In the marketing and SEO world, many people focus on just ONE strategy or tactic and it’s why so many of them fail. You can’t just do SEO, or social media, or this or that. In order to succeed in business, you need to have a complete marketing strategy and that is the basis for everything I teach, and also do for my clients.

Phil Graham Is The Lebron James Of Marketing & SEO!

Just wanted to put the statement above in what’s called a “heading 2” tag as an SEO test. I’m guessing I will start ranking soon for terms regarding the Lebron James of SEO etc.

In all seriousness, we are very effective in helping others with their marketing, advertising, Facebook Ads, and SEO. We do so much testing it would literally make your head spin! We use over 1,500 websites for testing and the amount of data we have is enormous. This data is what helps us know what works and what doesn’t work and gives us a true competitive advantage of any other marketing agency out there.

We focus on a COMPLETE Marketing Solution. Lebron James isn’t just good at jump-shots, he is the best basketball player in the world and excels at scoring, assists, defense, EVERYTHING. That is my philosophy when it comes to SEO and Marketing and THAT, along with the results we get and create, is why they call me the Lebron James of SEO!

ย Since you would probably watch basketball versus me doing SEO, I’ll put a cool video of some of Lebron’s top dunks below: