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UPDATE March 2014: I’ve stopped optimizing for this keyword as I was only doing it as a test. During the time I was optimized for “seo guru”, I was always on page 1 of Google for that term. Now that I’ve stopped optimizing & doing SEO for they keyword, I am on page 3 for that term. It goes to show you that you can get to page 1 for almost any keyword you would like, it’s just a matter of time and money, along with great content. Secondly, SEO is an ongoing process and if you stop doing SEO, your results will suffer.

I thought I’d do a little experiment to see how quick and easy I can rank this post for the keyword SEO Guru.

Anything that involves SEO is pretty competitive so we will see how long this takes. Once this page gets ranked on the first page of Google, I will share exactly what I did to make it happen so make sure and bookmark this page and check back soon.

For those who want some keyword details, as it stands right now, “SEO guru” gets 480 exact match local searches per month and 1,300 global and the competition level is “high”.

To check my ranking for this keyword, just click here to search Google.


UPDATE: In just 7 days, I went from not being in Google at all for the keyword “seo guru” to being on the 1st page, currently in position #9.

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Update #2 – July 2013

SEO Guru Update

It’s 5 months later and I am still ranking on the first page of Google for my targeted keyword of SEO Guru. I’ve ranged from ranking #2 in the world for that term to #10, depending on the day, and I’ve held first page rankings the entire time. I did add my Google Authorship image so my website stands out better on Google.

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