SEO is Not Dead!

seo is not dead

Breaking News….

SEO is NOT DEAD!    Link Building is NOT DEAD!    Guest Blogging is NOT DEAD!

I want to be the voice of reason and shed some light for the people freaking out every time Google (or some SEO blog) makes an announcement or algorithm change.

First, Who The Heck Am I & Why Should You Listen?

Great question! I own my own Marketing, Reputation Management , & SEO Agency and have been doing business online for over 15 years.

More importantly, we have a huge competitive advantage that most people don’t have. We use over 1,500 websites for nothing but SEO and marketing related testing. Our data & testing separates us from 99% of the other SEO’s and marketers in the world and we are proud of that. 

We have so much data it would make your head spin! Whenever someone makes an announcement about what works (or doesn’t work) in SEO, we can usually prove it right or wrong by looking at our data, and it gives us a huge competitive advantage. I don’t know anyone who does more testing than we do.

In fact, many times, when an SEO announcement or change is made, we check out data and we find out the information announced was completely wrong!

Here is my video I just recorded on SEO is NOT dead and why Google does unfair things:

Ok, let’s jump right into it:

Google is a “FOR PROFIT” business who is in business to make money for….you? NO.  They are in business to make money for Google of course!

Think about it for a second, what is their competitive advantage? It’s their data and algorithm right? Do you REALLY think that they are going to give you the super magic formula on how to game their system and rank #1 in Google? (If you do, I’ve got a bridge I want to sell you!) That will NEVER happen. Ever!

It’s actually in Google’s best interest to spread inaccurate or incomplete information (or have others spread if for them) with the intent to spread fear and confusion in the SEO world.

I’m not bagging on Google at all here. They are a great Company with lots of great people. They actually have a really hard job of trying to rank billions of pages and they have millions of people trying to game their system so I don’t blame them at all.

You’ve just got to realize that whey they SAY, and what reality IS, are many times, two totally DIFFERENT things!

In a recent blog post, Matt Cutts, the heaf of Google’s Webspam team posted about the decline of guest blogging. Sure enough, people blew it way out of proportion and the SEO world freaks out and everyone starts saying guest blogging is dead, etc. The funny thing is, Matt Cutts didn’t even say it was dead!! If you read his post carefully, he basically said that low quality spammy guest blogging is dead, or at least may be very soon, but there is nothing wrong with doing a high quality non spammy guest blog.

Guest blogging is NOT dead. Neither is link building or SEO. Not even close.

They key here, is that you’ve got to do it RIGHT, and you need to be smart about it. Before I tell you what you need to do though, let me address one other subset of the SEO world:

The people who think that ALL you need is great content and you will rank #1 in Google and live happily ever after. I don’t even know where to start with this one lol. 

If you don’t learn anything from this post but one thing, let this be it:


I guarantee that if you even try to build a business on nothing but “great content”, you will FAIL. You are living in a fairy tale world with unicorns and flying monkeys.

SEO unicorn

SEO Fairy Tale Land?

Let’s pretend we do live in fairly tale land for a second and that you do everything you consider as “right” (Unicorn land!) and somehow, magically, you end up getting ranking #1 in Google (this won’t happen!). Fast forward a few weeks when a competitor of your throws a negative SEO campaign at you and gets your site penalized. Or that awesome info-graphic you created gets legitimately shared a bunch of times and you get penalized. What then? You did everything right and created great content but you may have just ruined your business.

Yes, you do need great content, but you also need many other things to be successful these days. Here’s the short version:

Links – Yes, not only does link building still work, it’s still critical and super important to your success. I am not talking about high volume, low quality, spammy links, I am talking about high quality, high authority, relevant backlinks that you create. You absolutely NEED them!

SEOYou can’t bury your head in the sand and pretend SEO doesn’t work, or that it’s “bad” because if you do, you will FAIL. You absolutely need a strong SEO strategy and by doing so, it can make the difference between your success and failure.

SEO isn’t enough though. You need much more.

Social Media – Yes, you need to be prolific and be where your clients and potential clients and customers are, which includes social media.

Paid Ads – You should absolutely be doing paid ads to promote your business and your brand. Right now, there is no better value and bang for the buck than advertising on Facebook. We do it for ourselves (and clients) all the time and it just WORKS amazingly well and it’s very profitable!

Authority & Branding – You also need to be building your authority and a brand that sets you apart from the millions of other people and websites trying to sell & promote similar products and services to yours.

Here is the moral of this post: Don’t just believe everything you read and see online, even if it’s directly from Google themselves, or even one of the excellent SEO blogs out there, because much of the time, the information isn’t accurate, and can do you more harm than good.

Don’t even take my word for it. Do you OWN testing. We do, and we have a pretty darn good idea of what works and what doesn’t. It’s the secret to our success and can be the secret to yours as well.

Let’s say it together one more time: SEO isn’t dead, guest blogging isn’t dead, link building isn’t dead. Saying that things are dead is what should be dead!

Bottom Line:

Create a business, build authority, build your brand, do proper SEO, social, paid ads, outreach, link building, take your head out of the sand, don’t trust everything you read online, do your own testing, and dominate your business.

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