SEO Proof – #1 Ranking For Valuable Affiliate Keyword

I hear all the time from other SEO’s and marketers that “SEO is dead” or “it’s hard getting decent keywords ranked in Google” blah, blah, blah. The good news is, it’s NOT TRUE!!!

affiliate marketing In this post, I’m going to share a site that I would normally NEVER tell you about, and there is an interesting reason behind that. You’ll have to watch the video below to get the full story.

In a nutshell, this site is an affiliate site I created and was able to get it ranked #1 on Google for a profitable “buying” keyword within 1 month of creating the site AND, it’s stayed #1 in Google for the past 6 months. Check out the video below to find out more:

Here are a few facts that I prove in this video:

  • You can still rank for valuable, profitable keywords very quickly
  • You don’t need 10 zillion articles, pages, or blog posts to rank #1 on Google
  • You don’t even need a 1,000 word article
  • Much of the “SEO” and “marketing” advice on the internet is ridiculous and wrong

Take a look at my video below:



One thought on “SEO Proof – #1 Ranking For Valuable Affiliate Keyword

  1. Hi Phil,

    Nice job on the ranking, I’d be curious to know your methods. You can bet I’m about to dig into this website to see what you did. 🙂

    I own some “thin” EMD sites (never quite this thin) usually at least 4 images and 400 words on the homepage. They achieved similar results, long term #1 rankings. Recently a few have lost rankings after holding them for over a year. I would like to check those out too, see if some of their back links aren’t there anymore possibly.

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