Phil Graham ReviewsI have listed a sampling of our testimonials and reviews below and these are all from current or past clients and customers of ours. You can also find them on my Marketing Agency’s website, but I thought I’d list them here as well.

All the testimonials below are 100% real, verified, and on file. I have listed testimonials I’ve received from a wide range of services including: Coaching & Consulting, Marketing & SEO Services, Web Design, Paid Advertising, Facebook Ad Management, our Kindle Template product, and more.

I am very impressed with the service provided by Phil and his team. In ten days I gained so much exposure due to their work that I doubled the traffic on my site. Phil is dedicated to providing a very customized experience; he was thorough in detailing the process and strategy. And it worked amazingly! I highly recommend him.Anne Bennisan
EZ Couple
I am so grateful for this group! I posted a question months ago, and Phil Graham answered me. Since then, we have gone on to work together, and he is fantastic at follow-up, which is the most valuable asset for working with someone. We started my FB page campaign, and in less than 2 weeks I have gotten 800 likes on my Joumor page! I highly recommend you talk to Phil re SEO or FB, because he is super awesome at explaining things, helping you, and getting GREAT results.Leah Fisch
Dear Phil, I just want to thank you for the time you so generously shared with me! You made all the stuff in my head seem like it would work! I’m a very visual person so any videos you make to help me accomplish the things I want to do would be a dream! In stead of the anxiety I usually feel because I don’t know how to get my ideas out into the world, I’m filled with excitement after talking with you (and watching your videos)! So Thank you! If you have other products and services you offer that can help me please sent me the links!Lori Bell
Sunkissed Herbal
Hi Phil, Thank you for developing our website and the follow up work. We appreciate your thoroughness and quick response to our inquiries. The website you developed is per our specifications and currently in operation. We like it so far. We also are pleased with your follow up services. Your online step by step tutorial is effective. Your instructions are easy to follow and informative. We have updated our website information a few times and found it user friendly. Your commitment to continue working with us to enhance our capability to keep our site updated is encouraging. Overall, we thank you for what you have created for us and will be happy recommending your services to others.Reza & Rose Soltani
Mountain Loop Bed & Breakfast
Hi Phil, Just looking at your template videos again.. I absolutely LOVE your teaching style (don’t ever change!), and I don’t know how I would have ever accomplished my first ebook without your help! I can’t begin to thank you enough! Best wishes & Happy New Year!Sheila Easley
Phil is one of the most professional, kind and fast thinking persons I have ever met. I was completely lost with the script of the video, and he guided me very gently but clearly until extracting the bullet points we needed. He came with a starting idea and refined from there. It took only small tweak over the first one to get it right. I certainly recommend his service. It is awesome!Sandra Martinez
The ideas that Phil Graham gave me were both easy to put into action and highly effective. He has given my business a whole new edge that has provided my customers with services that will keep them coming back for a long, long time!Gene Simco
Phil Graham has been a godsend! From our first meeting, when he expertly analyzed how I could increase my cash flow and the overall strength of my business, to ongoing coaching, Phil has been a fountain of ideas. Approaches I never would have considered flow from Phil at every meeting. His insights have helped me create partnerships with other businesses, incentive programs, better tracking of my business, more income, more opportunities for income and a host of projects that will keep my business increasing far into the future.Mark Bosnian
Musician & Vocal Coach
Not only is working with Phil Graham pure joy, he has assisted me in transforming my business, my focus and best of all, my income! I highly recommend him!! Anyone who is fortunate to work with Phil Graham will transform their business into an exciting success story!! He is simply the best!Jody Stevenson
Life Coach
Phil has been a huge help in making our business more successful. His innovative ideas and practical ways of implementing them have steadily increased our business, as well as made doing business easier with less work. He has helped in marketing as well as designing processes to help us achieve our goals with our school.Robert Follis
Mixed Martial Arts Coach & Trainer

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